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Beans... $17.90 Kg   Bok Choi $2.80 bnch
Broccoli $14.90 Kg   Cabbage $6.80 pc
Carrots $7.90 Kg   Cauliflower $7.90 pc
Corn $1.90 pc   Garlic $46.00 Kg
Ginger $38.00 Kg   Kale $3.90 bnch
Leeks $2.50 pc   Onions $6.90 Kg
Potatoes Dutch Cream $3.90 Kg   Potatoes Nicola $3.90 Kg
Potatoes Sebago $3.90 Kg   Pumpkin Butternut $3.90 Kg
Pumpkin Jap $3.90 Kg   Red Cabbage $6.80 pc
Shallots $3.20 bnch   Silverbeet $3.90 bnch
Spanish Onions $6.90 Kg   Sweet Potatoes $7.90 Kg
Zucchini $9.90 Kg  


Avocado $3.90 pc
Beetroot $4.20 bnch   Capsicum Red $20.90 Kg
Cherry Tomatoes $5.90 pn   Cucumber Lebanese $14.90 Kg
Lettuce Cos $3.40 pc   Loose Baby spinach pak $3.40 pkt
Mixed Salad pak $3.50 pkt   Mushrooms $26.00 Kg
Rocket $3.40 bnch  


Apples Fuji $9.90 Kg
Apples Gala $9.90 Kg   Apples Granny Smith $8.90 Kg
Bananas $7.90 Kg   Kiwi fruit $8.90 Kg
Lemons $14.90 Kg   Mandarins $11.90 Kg
Oranges $5.90 Kg   Oranges 3kg net $12.90 pc
Pears $8.90 Kg   Pineapples $6.90 pc
Strawberries $8.90 pn  


Coriander $2.50 bnch
Mint $2.50 bnch   Parsley flat $2.20 bnch


Bonsoy $4.90 pc   Eggs 60g $9.90 doz
Flour All purpose unbleached plain white 1kg $7.80 pkt   Flour Wholemeal 1kg $7.90 pkt
Flour Wholemeal Spelt 1kg $9.80 pkt   Rolled Oats 1kg $7.90 Kg
Tin Diced Tomatoes 400g $3.90 pc   Tomato Ketchup 350ml $4.90 pc

Jams and Spreads

Honey 500g $13.90 pc   Maple Syrup $12.90 pc
Tahini Hulled 375g $6.90 pc  

Mixed Box

Prepacked mix box  


Coconut Cream 400ml $3.50 pc   Coconut Milk 400ml $3.50 pc
Fungi Pasta Sauce 375g $4.50 pc   Garlic and Basil Pasta sauce 375g $4.50 pc
Tamari 250ml $7.90 pc   Tomato Paste180g $3.90 pc
Tomato Puree 680ml Pasata $4.90 pc  


Almonds Raw 250g $10.90 pkt
Brazil Nuts Raw 250g $9.90 pkt   Cashew Raw 250g $9.90 pkt
Pumpkin seeds (Pepitas) $17.90 Kg   Walnuts Raw 250g $10.90 pkt

Dried Fruit

Cranberries 250g $10.90 pkt   Dates 250g $8.00 pkt
Prunes 250g $3.50 pkt   Raisins 250g $4.50 pkt
Sultanas 500g $7.90 pkt   Turkish Apricots 250g $6.90 pkt


Apple & Pear Juice 1L $6.90 pc   Pear juice 1L $6.90 pc

Rice Grains and Lentils

Chick Peas 500g $6.50 pkt   Lentils Split Red 500g $7.00 pkt
Pearl Barley 500g $3.50 pkt   Polenta 500g $3.50 pkt
Quinoa 500g $7.50 pkt   Rice Basmati Brown 1kg $8.90 pkt
Rice Basmati White 1 kg $9.90 pkt   Rice Brown 1kg $9.90 Kg
Rice White Jasmine1kg $8.90 pkt  

Oils Vinegars and Dressings

Australian Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml with mother $7.90 pc
Balsamic Vinegar 250ml $9.90 pc   Spanish Olive Oil 500ml $13.90 pc

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